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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ising and magnets and spins! Oh my!

Thesising is perhaps one of the best verbs in my vocabulary to date. Its all I do.  Granted, I know virtually nothing about the subject matter in which I am supposedly specializing in. however my thesis adviser told me the other day that he's been doing this for 30 years...and he still doesn't really get it.  That's actually a very refreshing thought, because -really- I was ready to give it up.  I have no self esteem and absolutely no confidence in my work anymore.  In reality, I think its because I'm truly tired.  I find myself questioning things in my knowledge that I never did before.  Like today, I had to actually double check myself to see if the acceleration of a car down a ramp (with no applied force) simply moved with constant acceleration due to gravity.  I knew this last week...if you were to ask me today, I'd probably stare at you blankly... I feel like Homer Simpson, "I learned math once, but then I forgot how to drive..."

I'm hoping this phase passes and I didn't literally study myself into ignorance....


  1. I don't remember physics classes at all, but I would guess that yes, acceleration is constant assuming friction between moving parts also stays constant.

    I don't think you'll study yourself into ignorance as much as you'll study yourself into making new neural connections and rearranging the schema by which your brain files things, which could be a little bit difficult because it means you "forget" things that you try to think about in terms of how you used to remember them, rather than in terms of how you're currently using them. Or something.

    I studied a lot of psychology and education classes once; I used to know this stuff... then I went and applied it in the real world and now it's all very difficult to sort into proper notes! I still know it, it's just been rearranged. (See what I did there?)

    Oh, and having no confidence in one's work is apparently a pretty common issue. Just keep slogging forward! Good luck!

  2. I feel the same way... Plus Jon just told me today that he thinks I study too much because I don't get things by looking at them once or twice and that we don't have a relationship because all I do is study and sleep...and it's true, and so now I've been crying for like 2 hours and I just want to quit school and come back to IUP. :( :(