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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ising and magnets and spins! Oh my!

Thesising is perhaps one of the best verbs in my vocabulary to date. Its all I do.  Granted, I know virtually nothing about the subject matter in which I am supposedly specializing in. however my thesis adviser told me the other day that he's been doing this for 30 years...and he still doesn't really get it.  That's actually a very refreshing thought, because -really- I was ready to give it up.  I have no self esteem and absolutely no confidence in my work anymore.  In reality, I think its because I'm truly tired.  I find myself questioning things in my knowledge that I never did before.  Like today, I had to actually double check myself to see if the acceleration of a car down a ramp (with no applied force) simply moved with constant acceleration due to gravity.  I knew this last week...if you were to ask me today, I'd probably stare at you blankly... I feel like Homer Simpson, "I learned math once, but then I forgot how to drive..."

I'm hoping this phase passes and I didn't literally study myself into ignorance....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preliminary Thoughts.

So I've made this blog as an outlet for the crazy amount of stress that I have undertaken since the end of August.  Granted, I spent most of the last 3 weeks in panic over the future, with a thesis deadline quickly approaching and a never ending list of tasks assigned to me by various people.  One of these days may result in Hiroshima-like consequences and my brain is going to melt.  Anywho, I have to teach class in about 20 minutes- then continue to write this wretched excuse for a master's thesis.  The coffee this morning was not exactly up to par and its raining, I will write another post very soon.... mmmmm....good morning everyone....